Hi Im Karissa the photographer behind Image Photography. I live part of my time  in Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia & then in the opposite part of the world of Phnom Penh, Cambodia (where I do volunteer work- Ive been doing this for the past 2 years. Before that full-time photography in the Tamworth area).

I grew up in a small country town in New South Wales where there are no hills, just flat beautiful red & brown scorched earth, magic warm golden coloured grass at sunset, endless white cotton fields that looked like snow, swimming at the local river & being surrounded by great country people who knew most of my business.  My love for photography & people started to grow there. I started my business in 2004. 

I LOVE photographing weddings & families. For newborn shoots I only shoot lifestyle. You & your new bub in your surroundings, at home or in the paddock or another great location. I dont have props or millions of coloured wraps.

Family shoots are at a location that suits your family, no studio. Kids being kids, running around, you playing with your kids. Photographs of you & your family, smiling, laughing, or not smiling...as kids dont smile all the time! Yes I have studio lights but I prefer to use them outside for some dramatic lighting.

If you are looking for a photographer at your wedding who views "must-have shots" such as your nails,perfume, or your lipstick then I'm not your girl. While I try & get as many detail shots these aren't my importance. I love getting shots of you with your family & friends. That important shot of when your dad see's you in your dress the first time. Your mum with a little tear, or a few shots of the laughs & crazy moments between your bridesmaids & groomsmen. Yes I love to capture your memories with people not things.

If you also have 200 shots of you favourite pinterest shots & you want me to photograph everyone, then I'm not your girl either. Whilst a few of your favourite shots is fine I'm more into  the laughs, the tears, the moments you have with your new husband & laughs you have with your bridal party. Rather than posing for every shot...keeping it natural & REAL. Yes photographing YOUR day & the way it plays out.

But what I do promise is that I will photograph you in the best light possible for your day. I will choose amazing locations in the time I've been given to photograph. What also is very important to me is that you get AMAZING photos...but you also get to spend time with your guests.

I guarantee you yes your mouth will be sore not from fake  smiling but from laughing & naturally smiling. Because you are having one of the best days of your life!

I simply adore what I do.  I am constantly always seeing beautiful light where ever I go and gasping with excitement when I see it, but is then saddened when I realise I have noone to put in the photo for this amazing location.  Yes I love people in landscapes not landscapes.
So if you like what you see...please contact me I'd love to shoot your memories - wedding or family.




0400 041 233 (Aus)

+855 93 421 660 (Cambodia)