Joel & Jasmin | Tamworth Wedding|

A few weeks ago I photographed Joel & Jasmin for their wedding day. I have known Jasmin for years ever since her mum worked in the Kodak camera shop in Kmart Plaza Tamworth. Fast forward many years later & Jasmin meeting the man of her dreams I was asked to photograph their wedding.

Covid hasnt been easy on my couples wanting to get married. Jasmin & Joel patiently waited as restrictions eased. They decided to have a small wedding due to these restrictions & make the day about spending time with their very close friends & family.

They kept their original plans of their ceremony at The Tamworth Jockey Club but due to restrictions went to Corey’s function centre for their reception. This place, newly renovated looked incredible. As you will see amazing chandeliers hang from the ceiling. As soon as I seen these I knew this would make an incredible shot. The staff at Corey’s were incredible as we had to move a few tables to get this photograph thankyou!

Joel’s boss had a farm just outside of town so when they took me to show me this spot for location photographs I knew it would be incredible. Long grass, little country driveways, 100’s of photos spots all in one location.

The day was a freakishly cold day for a spring day but all the bridal party got amongst it & as you will see had so much fun! When a day happens like this I always say you have three things to keep you warm- alcohol, blankets ( which I pack for between photos pics) & each other!

I photographed Joel & Jasmin for an engagement shoot last year & just loved it. Here is one couple that are truly in-love & really appreciate what they have together. So photographing these guys for their wedding day was just one easy task. Just to see them their connection but with their closest friends & family was so memorable.

Cheers Karissa

Cake-whipped by Hayley

Flowers- Designer Bunches

Makeup- Amanda Louise

Ceremony Location- Tamworth Jockey Club

Celebrant- Donna

Wedding Reception- Connors by Corey

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Shania & Jay | Foster Wedding

A wedding in Foster at the beach is amazing but when you add in that you know the couples family & cant wait to party & photograph this cute couple it makes my wedding photography just that bit better.

I first met Shania & her family in Cambodia over 4 years when were were on a construction project together. Fast forward a few years Shania & her family all moved over to Cambodia. Since then her parents Mick & Kate have become such good friends.

Even though they lived in Siem Reap & I was in Phnom Penh we caught up when we could. Back in January this year Shania her family & Jay visited & stayed. I also knew Jay’s parents but really got to know them as a couple that week.

Fast forward through to covid when most Ex-pats have returned back to Australia I get a call from these guys saying they were engaged. Planning a wedding in Covid with so many restrictions has been insane! But as I know in Australia we have had it pretty good compared to the rest of the world.

So fast forward to Shania & Jay’s day. Their parents Kate & Mick & Gena & Tim put in so much work with their families. Having a marquee wedding reception on a good friend’s property, Pete & Jen not far from Seal rocks was the ideal location. Long golden grass, beautiful gardens & a cute vintage shed. They all put so much work into all the details which was just so beautiful.

We had endless locations in Foster & on our way to the farm. Too many locations being my biggest hassle on the day, so yes not really a hassle.

I just adore these photos. Such a range of locations from beach to tree-lined roadways, long golden incredible grass, funky vintage sheds to cliff on headlands. Yes I had the pick.

My mouth was so sore from smiling & laughing so much. Yes we had that much fun.The bridal party & all their guests were just relaxed & . Jay’s blue-steel after 400+ weddings I must say has trumped them all. Him & his groomsmen have totally nailed it.

Good luck in choosing a favourite, hense the amount of photos in this post!!

Cake -Tyasha Papadpoulos ( AMAZING!!)- Also another good mate from Cambo!

Hair -Cait Connolly

Maddison Hinckley @ Vanity Skin & Beauty

Cheers Karissa

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Libby & Warwick | Engagement shoot | Tamworth

A few weeks back I travelled out to Libby & Warwick’s farm for their engagement shoot. As you will see by their photos it is one special spot with endless locations.

Libby & Warwick have their wedding booked next year & cant wait to shoot it.

I first met Libby back in May when I started working at an office job during the day. Covid hit in March as we all know it has affected weddings, family shoots & photographers. So I took another job whilst photography wasn’t an “essential service” & now come to when I met Libby. Libby is the sweetest girl, caring, with the biggest smile, who gets on with everyone. We have become great friends.So when she got engaged we started talking about weddings, photography & before long she booked me.

We chatted about an engagement shoot & picked a weekend. It was so relaxed- I threw my gear into the back of their farm bike & we checked out a few spots & then started shooting. Having a drink, a chat & with their dogs.

Libby & Warwick have 3 dogs & they all had “their moment of glory” in front of the camera. Their dogs are adorable with so much personality!.

We had the sunset & last light at a near-by Canola field which was of course spectacular.

I just adore these pics. It really shows how relaxed this gorgeous couple is. I cant wait to shoot their wedding next year.

Cheers Karissa xx

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Flynn Family- Tamworth Family Shoot

I photographed the Flynn family a few weeks ago at Moore Creek. This family is just the sweetest. Pete & Courtney have two gorgeous kids, Lewis & Mia who were so well behaved, they also had the cheekiest grins & adorable laughs.

Pete & Courtney’s house that we photographed at was stunning. A photographers dream, I found little corners & spots of different colors & textures. This makes my job so easy as its like shooting in 10 locations but your travelling no more than a few meters.

I just love when families want a shoot that captures memories of normal family life & the house where their babies grew up. We then ventured out a few blocks away from their house for a different setting. Long grass, red roadways & vintage looking weeds that the sun lit up as it set. Yes Moore Creek is just divine to shoot in.

Courtney seen her good friends Bart & Cath’s family pics , loved them & wanted to update their family pics before the kids got older. This is so important as we all know kids change so quickly. So to capture these memories, when your babies are so little & life together as a family at this time in your families life is so important.

When I first met Courtney & seen her gorgeous house & how beautifully styled it was I knew I didn’t have to guide Courtney in what to wear for her & her family for her shoot. One of the dresses Mia wore was made by a good friend, Alice Radburn. This dress was simply too cute!! Thank you so much Curious Baby Originals. I also checked out your facebook page…wow you are so talented!!

Thanks again guys for a wonderful afternoon. I have the biggest smile as I put this blog together.

Cheers Karissa xx

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Brown Family | Forster Family Photography

A few weeks back I travelled to Forster to catch up with friends, one of my brides for this year & finally catch up with the Brown family. I had been in contact with Sonia for a little while waiting for the time I would get to Forster & be able to photograph her family.

Sonia is a keen photographer herself & has photographed weddings & families. & just loves to use her camera. So she had some great locations in mind & all of them were perfect.

Being winter & not really beach people they wanted a few different locations yes with the beach in some photos but not the main feature. I think we achieved that.

I just adore how natural these photos look & I think everyone’s personality in the family has shone through. Yes the Brown family are just so sweet & so friendly.

The weather forecast for the weekend was not good at all & we waited till 2 hours before to make a decision to go ahead. I am so pleased we did. As rainey days like these, if they do clear usually end up with incredible soft light & sunsets & that is what we got.

I cant wait to go back to Foster in a few weeks time for Shania & Jay’s wedding. & to be shooting a wedding in the crazy Covid time!!

Thanks again Sonia & Brendon & your gorgeous little family.

Cheers Karissa xx

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Jazz & Jas- Engagement- Tamworth NSW-PART 1

Jason & Jasmine are to be married in October this year. Their lead up to this wedding like most couples hoping to tie the knot in 2020 has been stressful due to Covid-19.

Just yesterday they cancelled their engagement party. So fingers crossed they will still get their Tangarratta wedding in October.

So to go out take photos & have some fun & totally forget about Covid & just be a normal engaged couple was so much fun. We had other ideas for a shoot but with bad weather predicted & me waiting on some new photography gear we decided on a mini-shoot close to town near Moore creek & Part 2 at a later stage. So watch this space.

A few weeks ago Holly from The good gift co. gifted me one of her famous bags & a throw, so we used these for some of the pics. as it went so well with what Jason & Jazz wore.

Jason & Jasmine’s parents are both very good friends of ours we have known them all for such a long time. SO when these two got together we were just so happy for them. They are just so relaxed, cute quirky & oh so very in love all at the same time.

Thanks guys cant wait for Part 2 & your wedding!!

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McDowall Family |Tamworth Family Portrait

I photographed The McDowall family a few weeks back before full Isolation took effect. Since then photography being a “non-essential service” I haven’t photographed any. Knowing this would be my final shoot for a while I went into this one so excited.

I have also known Shane & Simone for many years, before they had their kids. So when Simone mentioned she would love a family shoot I couldn’t wait.

Shane also organised an incredible location to photograph at near Bendemeer for their family shoot. I have photographed at this spot a few times over the years so when he suggested it I couldn’t wait.

Shane & Simone have three kids, Ryan, Indy & Riley. They are all so different in personality but had me in stitches all afternoon. Everyone was so willing to go exploring & walk through long-grass. The green-grass is so long at the moment it was actually difficult to walk through, definitely a problem we didn’t have this time last year.

We went scouting spots for the shoot before we started. Shane & Simone suggested near the river which had exquisite light coming though the trees. I also seen in the distance this cream fluffy-headed grass near a dead old tree in the paddock. All of these spots were just incredible for pics.

Thanks guys again for asking me to spend the afternoon & photograph your great family.

cheers Karissa

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Tamworth Family Portrait | Blackburn Family

A few weeks back Liz contacted me wanting an update for their family photo. Little did I know this would be my last Tamworth family portait for sometime due to Covid-19.

But what a family photo shoot to show you all & as many have postponed their family shoots till we can get together again. So if you’re one of those families or thinking we need an updated family portrait, I hope you see these & want something similar for your family

In times like these when families are together we see what is truly important, that memories mean everything. That things within a family change so quickly but also how quickly our kids can change.

I photographed Doug & Liz’s wedding before they had a family. They are such a beautiful couple. I remember this wedding fondly. This wedding was such a “goosebumps wedding”. Family & their close friends meant everything to Doug & Liz on their wedding day. Their wedding was held where Liz grew up. They got married at the local church Saint Oswald’s Anglican Church followed by their reception at The Graze Willow Tree Inn.

Fast forward a few years later, Doug & Liz have two gorgeous boys Jimmy & Dan. They have the most gorgeous personalities. During the shoot the boys ran & laughed & were just boys…I just loved it!!. Yes they were so comfortable they had real belly-laughs which was so cute!! They are country boys growing up on a farm near Tamworth & you can tell they just love their life.

laughs all around for two young boys against a rusty farm shed near Tamworth. the young kids are wearing cowboy boots for their family portrait

Thanks guys for asking me to photograph your gorgeous little family.

cheers Karissa

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Tamworth Engagement shoot | Brent & Heidi|

Yes it has been a while since I have done a Tamworth Engagement shoot so when I suggested it to Heidi before their wedding next month to get use to the camera & get some gorgeous pics together not in a wedding dress, her & Brent jumped at the chance.

Brent’s family farm is out towards Calala & backs onto King George avenue in Tamworth. This will be the perfect spot for their wedding & was an incredible spot for their engagement pictures.

Brent & Heidi love horses & wanted a few in their shots just incase we didn’t use them for the wedding. So just as the sun was in the perfect spot we started shooting. Then after dealing with a few other horses wanting their pictures done with us too we ditched them & headed off for more locations.

With all this long grass around there is plenty of flies. We did pack the aeroguard but forgot to tell Brent we had it. Brent is a butcher & works at Country capital meats– the flies left Heidi & me alone we totally forgot about Brent….wooops! So I have had to do a little photoshopping!

So Brent & Heidi have too many amazing locations to choose from. As you will see we had long grass next to a river with long horns, puddles & fences for amazing silhouettes at sunset Lucerne, corn…everything…did I mention the silhouetees…WOW!!!yes this is the perfect location for a perfect Tamworth engagement shoot!!!

When I do my engagement shoots I just love it when it feels like your hanging out with friends. It felt this way with Brent & Heidi. I also loved they were up for anything running climbing over fences etc

Thanks guys I really cant wait for your wedding!

Your an a amazing couple & I know your wedding will be so much fun!

cheers Karissa