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Jazz & Jas- Engagement- Tamworth NSW-PART 1

Jason & Jasmine are to be married in October this year. Their lead up to this wedding like most couples hoping to tie the knot in 2020 has been stressful due to Covid-19.

Just yesterday they cancelled their engagement party. So fingers crossed they will still get their Tangarratta wedding in October.

So to go out take photos & have some fun & totally forget about Covid & just be a normal engaged couple was so much fun. We had other ideas for a shoot but with bad weather predicted & me waiting on some new photography gear we decided on a mini-shoot close to town near Moore creek & Part 2 at a later stage. So watch this space.

A few weeks ago Holly from The good gift co. gifted me one of her famous bags & a throw, so we used these for some of the pics. as it went so well with what Jason & Jazz wore.

Jason & Jasmine’s parents are both very good friends of ours we have known them all for such a long time. SO when these two got together we were just so happy for them. They are just so relaxed, cute quirky & oh so very in love all at the same time.

Thanks guys cant wait for Part 2 & your wedding!!

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