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A Beautiful Struggle |Pace Family |Tamworth NSW

This post is written from a friends viewpoint. All of us have had a family member or friend who has had to battle with Cancer. So when one of your best-friends, Deanna tells you whilst your on the other side of the world they have breast cancer it leaves you feeling so anxious, sad & so so far from home.

Fast forward a month we arrive after Deanna’s surgery & she is ready to tackle chemo-therapy.

It has been so comforting to be here whilst she undergoes this but also very confronting to see your friend in so much pain & knowing she has weeks of pain ahead of her. So these weeks whilst Im editing at home we’ve had many days together chatting over coffee, watching chic movies & our favourite TV shows. SO that has been one positive.

The one thing like most women, Deanna was most worried about was loosing her hair. After it started to fall out a few weeks after her first chemo session, Deanna went to her long-time hairdresser Renee at Glamour Empire to have “the shave”.

As you will see by the pictures below, Deanna has an amazing shaped head. & totally rocks it. Yes she is beautiful.

Its probably an unusual photoshoot to some but as I said to Deanna this will be the only time in your life you will have no hair. What will you loose, worse case we can delete them.

It was also very empowering to photograph & let her relax and have fun in front of the camera.

I also believe that for any woman who has been through this, is going through this or will go through this in the future- these images say-“you got this, & you have permission to be beautiful & feel empowered despite what changes your body is going through.

I first photographed Deanna with just me but after her family seen some of the pictures they wanted a few as well. So we headed out another afternoon to get these. I loved this as well because it is not only the person going through cancer but the whole family is affected too.

Thank you so much for letting me do this. I just loved spending time doing this & photographing your beautiful struggle.

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