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Tey + Rith |Phnom Penh|Wedding Photography

I started shooting Srey Tey & Rith’s wedding photos two weeks ago. Yes, after shooting 400+ weddings I did my first ever pre-wedding shoot, that wasn’t shot on the actual wedding day. Yes it was shot in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. & I really can’t believe it has taken so long to do this.

I know pre-wedding shoots are very popular in asia. I thought the reason, so they could have multiple out-fit changes. Whilst this is true for some couples this wasn’t the case for Rith & Dey. To them for their wedding day they wanted amazing photographs but also wanted to spend quality time with friends and family. Not feeling so rushed & on a tight schedule.

Rith & Dey wanted to feel relaxed, chilled with their friends on location spending time with their close friends & with each other & giving all their energy to this before the wedding. Then on their wedding day concentrating on the ceremony, their commitment to each other & having quality time with friends & family. They also got to photograph at amazing locations without any time restraints. Time and again I have couples in rural Australia say they would love photos at their family farm, it would mean so much to them but sadly it is just too far or not possible Or “I adore this location but it is too far to travel back to the reception so we will have to forget it. Yes this is a personal choice & certainly not one for everyone. As there is many other factors involved but for Tey & Rith it was perfect. So if this is something you would like to consider for your wedding or even just you as a couple ( do your bridal party photos at the wedding) lets chat!

My verdict for pre-wedding photography is a huge thumbs up. Yes the bride has to have hair & make-up done especially for this. Some couples might say “oh but was it lacking the emotion not being on your wedding day?… definitely not for this couple & for their friends it was incredible!- we had an absolute blast.

Rith & Tey trusted me completely. They wanted me to find locations that were natural & not too staged. Sometimes Cambodian wedding photography is a lot of posing with friends & family. Whilst they wanted this on their wedding day they just wanted a more natural approach for their location photos. We were able to get this in their pre-wedding photographs

So a few days before I jumped on my motorbike & went on a scout around Phnom Penh for the perfect location. Not far from my house I found amazing locations- A plant nursery full of yellow potted flowers. This place was SPECTACULAR- Just endless potted yellow flowers as far as the eye could see & with a golden Cambodian sunset it was exactly how I pictured it! eeeek it was incredible!!

Fast forward two weeks to their weddings day it was just such a easy, beautiful day. At Cambodian weddings when the bride walks down the aisle everyone claps…which I just love! Another great idea I had never seen before Rith & Tey cut their wedding cake but they also cut the cake & served the cake to their parents. It looked so thoughtful & respectful to the ones that they loved the most. A gorgeous way of showing appreciation to your parents.

So many close- friends helped so much to make this wedding not only a success but a warm friendly, happy, emotion & so so smiley wedding. They had their friend Bong Phil give one of the best marriage talks I have ever heard ,friends Dakou & Steph, Stephanie & Sakha helped Tey & Rith get ready on the day, friends Mizaho & Nori ( & their helpers) did gorgeous flower arrangements & organised decorations etc. At Their reception at Dyvith Hotel many friends organised entertainment, singing and dancing for the couple.

Dey & Rith chose the Dyvith hotel for their reception. As a foreigner you are told in Cambodia to be wary of “food at weddings” but this place was just perfect. Super clean, amazing friendly staff & the food was delicious! A fabulous venue!

A few of Tey’s best friends organised a large framed print from their pre-wedding shoot. After singing a beautiful song the girls gave the print to them which bought Tey to tears.

Thank you so much Tey & Rith for letting me capture these incredible images. These images will hold a special place in my heart forever.

Karissa xx

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